Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

I come from where there are no smiles

Look at my gaunt jawline, jutting outward against the wishes of kings

sharp enough to cut your wits and shave your head

ready to be scalped when the pilgrims encroach me

dark eyes burning

head gaskets of glamour burn out in this stroked territory

where elements are extracted like precancerous polyps

no novacaine to sooth your disdain this time

when i come around mountains, im coming with flame

fervent in its demands, same heat that burned plame

name is just a badge, stuck to a torso

wearing mine as a shield,

to your comrades hapless zeal

conspiracy prophets plan next schemes

while i watch guns displayed, parading blood-stained dreams

floods of sewage drowning the useless peasants,

fulfilling their own prophecies of failure

I wasn’t born into colloidial metal soups

I don’t tow anyones line

No one gave me a flowery foundation with which to perch

I see lookingglasses while your pupils ran astray

the window is broken, soul will never be satiated 


Hailing from the land where there are no smiles 



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