Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Forgotten Realism Theoretics

Canvases began life clean
quiet before bullet rain
pours its heart-stopping capability upon
peasants, residences
they color pictures
their fluid stains canvas
best when fresh, fresh when veins rip
yielded, ever-newer conflagrations,
situational humor perfected for sheepish audience
Acronyms of sin
Contraction , distraction of true meaning,
slumber, struggle to hide truth, loyalty fleeting
bastardly you are, ridiculed critics of murder
clawing at the plastered facade, wailing at walls of
a dead diety
forever dissappearance of love
destruction of mammallian bonds
utlimatum of true mortality
bygone era of restraint
encore the plasma partitions
truth, again, the anathema held, imprisoned 

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