Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Misunderstanding Lessons

Sitting alone in a room full of deep freeze
My perspective was destroyed, following the suit of normality
Every time my brain is left to wander,
take me to where there is love, yonder
I attempt to avoid, but that path was laid in the past,
arguing about whether happiness’s hair is blonder
Questions always arise, gravity-enslaved balloons fighting, struggling to just fly
Who is the one who will bring my happiness, and forestall my demise
It would be disingenuous to believe, attempt to convince myself that,
love will form the grace of boomerangs
because it isn’t always a world of reciprocation
Laws of nature dictate total anarchical chaos
complete and utter discontinuation of continuity and order
Contraindications exist within us all,
and that which contradicts beauty, is beauty
Mutiso the Poet is correct;
“where imperfection is perfection”
That is nature, exactly
That is the only truth, so many fear to favor
Look to where dirt stains the sheets
Search for the used in markets
Those, that are broken,
are the only ones still whole
they are the ones, who remain with their souls
they face guns in battles,
debase shuns, for, we are chattel
We, unsightly and blind
Crying, begging, screaming and kicking to consume,
yearning to prove how much better you are
When labels are for fools,
Fable’s, fuel
not playing by the sabers rules
I know this is truth, because I live it
Devoid, and destroyed
trying to trick myself into happiness
all the while, knowing
I am more broken than those you deceptively demur

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