Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Flirtation with Danger

Unconscious, I still possess more stamina, charisma
animation, sleep walking, you are to alpha anathema
to me, just a victim trapped in a self-esteem bricked prison
and lashing out for getting one millimeter of criticism
the prism is clear, my catechism you fear
fuck your jeers, falsetto spawns, failure to ruminate, or right your wrongs
your pathetic prevarications fall short of intend goals
putrid, dilapitated, futile fighting words
falling flat, the same as your confidence
shortsighted, both in thought, and in actual eyesight
you are not a man, you are a unisex cardboard cutout
forgotten, survival motives,
remaining, cowardly indignation in faces of confrontation
for being in a club called “poetry that sucks”. you sure think highly of your own work
humility should run parallel to greatness
“pride is the mask of one’s own faults”
your mistake? attempting to step into the ring with a bull,
possessing rails as arms,
frailty, your only charm,
absolutely failing to protect your facade from harm
bitches like you get torn down,
mandatorily suicided,
compelling emaciation,
you would get world traded stepping in the street with real dirt
i bet you cower in your pokemon-adorned bedroom wearing real skirts
and being called on your zeal, hurts
 fuck noah the poor
your useless like a broken door
laying in my path of destructive lore

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