Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

A River You Can’t Swim In

A trillion blades of grass, forming knolls, stained with
sheltering sod from shoes surely that trample
evidence ample, sometimes
life forces , the strife we torch, agitprop machines blast, no worries, i know deceit
about to meet fevers’ edge, with one slash, this is a cleaver pledge,
don’t dredge upon unfamiliar turf, you might actuate dark thoughts from a darker realm,
at the helm, rain pours,
noah the lame whore
it was cute to watch you pretend to be tough, inspiring me to coax you to feign more
your dame bores, but a fitting couple, i know your not hitting supple
thats why your heart bleeds, ah the angst as you grieve
true thieves of delight, keep walking away,
never a conjuration of courage,
i bet you hide in pews
pride is few
and i doubt to you, this ride is new
i know the pathways you walk,
sullen specters that stalk
and i know you ain’t on the mound, midway through the pressure crumbles you,
batter balked
where is the retort, or are you too sad?
not getting that skeeve porked,
your beat dork,
time to back away,
why don’t you sack and pray,
you aren’t touched by the D.U. getting iraqis slayed

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