Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Pain is only semi-universal

Why fight
for one over another when both bleed
the same
Supporting satin antecedents, ones
that benefit someone
even, against the flames of liberty
Horns form to spur opponents
to spar over claimed territory
lacking legitimacy, they are one and same
words now, worthless
dollars go into the bombs,
the fear and submission bubble, carpet vaporized
hard to render this blood bath deceased in rubble
too naive to understand why
slaughter is necessary
and dedication, allocation of mandatory donations and our reputation
at stake, while the fray would be flattened
if they could comprehend their fate
folly of their actions
pain would only begin to lecture
ripped fingernails isn’t even level one torture conjecture
lose your life for those who did nothing to you, and lost theirs
misplaced, fooled and misled optic nerves, leading only to ends,
never realizing, destruction from means,
they prove that pain is only semi-universal

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