Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Failure to fully disclose upon inductio

Oh, oh, blizzard blinds weak passers

cannot pay attention with cash and condescension

glass encasing faith laid to waste,

ego death in your disgrace,

fealty, misplaced

the race racing

dilapidated basements, a loyalty loner

lost in ages past, cannot you see?


stuffing your face, deadlier

heart race racing,

busted, cardiac friction, the pace maker wasted now,

i bet you would feed on a basted cow,

fall on boned knees, as your deception drips from the faucet,

taste and bow,

hesitations aroused, scared, now the fear leaped forward,

deceits important,


our natives scalped, kool aid pitchers shattered,

now the red sugar is on your hands, portray scams, stalking foreign suspects, travel in bands,

oh, oh

they didn’t say freedom tasted like this,

whoa, out of control now, speakers blown,

monitor thrown,

the weaker bones fall, cuz you dodge it scared

logic impaired

keratin closet naired

oh, oh they never told me the burden so heavy,

bevy of

atrocities failing levees: the prevalence

and a fucking paucity of evidence

you cannot handle breadths of vituperation

you racist

you, the basest, despot

failed regime, blowin failed schemes,

attacking innocents because of your derailed dreams,

as i impale your esteem

sins will fail you, indeed,

sloppy with greed,

truly still under misinformation consternation

they always told me money tasted of power,

all around me are soulless thieves, motives gone sour,

so impotent, they all cower,

insinuating glowers

and i won’t stop until the truth comes out under towers


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