Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

real pics of guns shooting at heads a.k.a puerile refuse

I apologize that you failed to find guns shooting at heads,
but i want to take this opportunity to insult you
how do you even remember to breathe on your own?
how can you even read, type, comprehend?
Do you know what an iq is, and if so, whats yours?
Are you teetering on the brink of genius, or are you bottom-heavy,
a bottom feeder, missing inherent, inherited genetic code?
Where is your sense of morality, in what fire-scalded hell hole was your code of conduct forged?
do not you have ANYTHING better to do,
than search for “real gun shot to the head pics”
you people are fucking imbociles 
grow up, man up,
turn your computer screen off, get off your backside of lethargy,
and turn that dusted membrane inside your skull ON,
insulting is the mediocrity, ignorance, and depravity,
of so many fools

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