Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

1 god bomb

Reflux brings serious helltrick depravity

girls upset cuz i stucked and wrecked pelvic cavities

pissed off cuz i brissed *scoff* true terror inoculant

calling to forces burn down the fairest and opulent

fuck the lackeys, dick jocking bastards

the stretchable fibers that keep tight the slack,

too terrified with your own putrid hands to murder iraqis

thats why you let the men do it,

like menstration blood upends through it

too late to save faithless faith, shame shame looks like you blew it

propaganda flows forth

condescension meeting anyone with enough audacity to spew it

slander grows as the memoranda on mesopotamia dissappears

hidden from view are the true official fears

peering into wallets watch paper turn to powder

the burn gets louder, calling for more bloodletting

steel leeches ripping and the red makes obesity at home prouder

enveloped in 3 colors, greed acts

as the muller,

and if you begin to hunger you can be fed new england chrome chowder

fuck it, speakers blown,

destroy amphetamines and tweakers groan,

but their broken ashes are still stronger than you meeker clones 



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