Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Illusionary Consecration

headlines so  laughably contradictory
Everyday ” Wall st. swoons as stocks soar on news of the fed rate cut”
very next day,
headline reads ” Stock market stomachs biggest loss of quarter”
How do you reconcile those differences?
How is it possible for the stock market to have the best day of its life
Rise to never-before-reached heights,
then take the biggest plummet of the fiscal year
I am no hound dog
but I know when i’m being taken for a walk
and holding the leash is the criminal cartel
And I don’t accept bones like a dog either
The bailouts have all the air of elitism
covering that as “Scandal from Spitzer”
not blinded by glitz
behind its a blitz
the phosphor hits and
 by facing that onslaught you face
great risk
I bet cholera’s not great bliss,
as it eviscerates miss,
then you will know,
as the shrapnel falls like kill snow
villians walk free,
tortuous and willing to reliquish the moral high ground,
it no longer exists, for us
we are the imperial, leading to peril,
we are now the redcoats, taxing your ass 
and colonialists, raised to arms,
now it is the brown people,
welcome to the mesopotamian tea party
where it is your money that goes overboard,
cry yourself to sleep as it sinks to the floor

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