Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Slave to Substance

Laying more broken on dirt-weathered floors,
I am what the status quo abhors
Refusing to chew punditreason,
a revolting assault on reason
Pardon me, but while this misapplication of logic cascades into mentality
Skin on elbows begins its’ boil 
55% of right kidney springs into action on my behalf,
Adrenal glands rebound, inject my instinct back into me
Picturesque view prevails for some, the fooled,
the ones with wool covering their faces,
like confused californian eskimos
my body rejects it like poison
Excuse me for over-heightened expectations,
or assuming that deplorable lies will die in fire, they still burn bright,
like fireflies flickering in the night, blinding you to the electronics behind it,
making it move
I apologize for being a slave to substance,
an addict to substantial arguments,
and using logic as a crutch,
I am so obviously the fool, closing my ears to manufactured reality,
sparkling as farce, deafening to the laymen
insulting at their fortitude for failure,
or just intellectual laziness
there is no excuse for hanging gallileo now
because he was correct,
the truth needs no protection from the bludgeon,
it is the lies they are vanguard to
lets see if you sink when you hit the water

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