Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

No Reason for Rhyming

Call me nothing, call me a peasant
call me any epithets that you find pleasant
ill pick up the receiver, and retort avidly
contradicting all false diatribes, you sleep with depravity
Your mouth means nothing, your tongue, tall and swollen
without the protection of vice, your belongings would be stolen,
 But i continue allowing my wage stolen,
like a page folding,
bending over with the balance of ransacked pins from bowling,
now your kicking for columbine, trying to chalk it as “all in time”
neck skin will be emaciate and torn if you don’t fall in line
Wall is mine, only protection against your false will,
monetary devaluation has us climbing a false hill
Exhalted river of bleed,
extolled mission of greed,
the sickness won’t be cured until the disease is halted,
the criminals responsible for death are faulted,
and the true patriots come from beneath the blanket of farce,
only veracity will ever be vaulted

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