Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Curious monkey with intelligence deficit disorder

Walking on your ashes
Dancing on your face
for resources, uncivil clashes
king george parades around like a fucking disgrace
his words lit the hearts of none on fire,
didn’t even receive the popular vote
i refuse to call his reptillian ass sire
until his lying mouth drowns from oil in the moat
still ravaging, savaging, the next target lingers,
still the lies drool from his lips
and you won’t care even after kins blood falls through fingers,
i would not malinger with people like this, reality they can’t even come to grips,
And they cant understand violent rebellion
or why the peasants take up arms, to defend their first-born,
murdering the sunni’s like allah-infused hellions,
and you won’t understand until your FIRST, TORN


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