Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Two Wishes and Experience

Tearing my fingernails into the strip of gravel,
fibers striving to fill the current vacancy
jam the transmission into 3rd gear, just to let you hear it roar,
as she glides along the sidewalk,
with her dog, independent and proud
I must have caught her eye
Why else would you meet mine, and hold it,
like a downfeather quilt in the barest, naked winter
I smash into 4th, now the ponies gallop, and i am beside you,
watching your beautiful stride, as you view mine
still looking through to my eyes like there wasn’t an element in between
With such a cautious, thirsty gaze,
you are lucky that i passed you up,
because this is a desert,
i am dehydrated, and
your beautiful carbon form is a waterfall existing in a vacuum

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