Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Questions that will never be answered

Some most depressing topics fail to leave,
like thieves, stealing away what should be locked, deep
Questions that burn the lips it touches, and fail to alert the authorities of the foreboding blaze,
occurring in lockets and pockets, from the poorest executives, to the richest who live squalor and poverty
Why can’t she ever be mine?
Knowing that she might be taken rips and tears
Knowing that my future is forsaken, hurts
the same
Who can be blamed but myself, too lonely to walk the streets at night
not frightened of specters on the street, but of
ghosts that haunt above
Why do I drive away from her, on too frequent a basis,
wasting wasting wasting
it is her i wish to be tasting
wasting wasting wasted,
i wish my life could be “cut-and-pasted”
fuck this path, i see another filled with more passion,
no harassment,
no crassness and vapidity
if I had the chance, watch the rapidity, 
as i walk away from certain misery,
Why does this look so appalling from behind, cannot
clear away that damn fog,
life’s exhaust choking out into fragments, again,
Why don’t I stop this butchery,
like the lamb who I refuse to murder,
my stomach would rather starve,
downtown lanes cruising whips, on my Almost i’d rather carve,
I know you are not enamored by spars,
but miss,
I wish,
not just love trists,
wishing i could take you with me across the stars
Tear holes in space’s fabric, my lust for you is rabid,
and I wouldn’t have a loved one, if misogyny was my habit, 
Its like noodles I can’t stab, im using the wrong utensils,
why not just carve me out like plastic-human-hybrid stencils,
just take a pencil and start your note taking from here,
I know I could find happiness, if I tried,
if she cried,
an ode to the questions that will never be answered,
impossible to communicate over the fences,
expanse is dense,
and i’ll never get away taking my marching orders from fear
                                              If only the portal was near……….

One response

  1. caitlinyo

    This is amazing. I love these lines…

    Its like noodles i cant stab, im using the wrong utensils,
    why not just carve me out like plastic-human-hybrid stencils

    April 2, 2008 at 3:35 pm

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