Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Sad that the quest is over

Shame has descended upon me, as my futile attempt at indifference has ended,
shame on me, for being afraid of what trouble brings,
or what arrives, from trips to apparent solitude,
i grew keratin for months,
Did not allow the blade to touch my face, in true hebrew fashion,
and i failed,
i gave up, i
relinquished my goal of depravity, and becoming a true antithesis to vanity
What a tragedy it is now, gone is the cover from my skull,
and the cover from the world,
My eyes cannot hide in the shadows,
now they are released,  but i am not relieved,
and still reel in my failure
relentlessly now, walking without as much purpose,
my head is now clean, the facade gone, too vainglorious,
 capitulation to society at its worst

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