Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

A Plea for Benevolence

Getting lashed by sudden consequence can be such a bitch,
The foretold NEVER eclipses the unseen, the unheard,
as this rock spins a trillion light years per minute,
it removes the civility from the one “advanced” species,
 Supposed, higher intelligence, critical thinking, comprehension
Where is all this?
Pretel where the intelligence is, in self-preservation? To live, to propagate, to dominate?
Self-preservation would hold water, if only it wasn’t filled with holes,
swiss cheesed and useless for all intents and purposes
There are no selfless acts,
There are murderous acts,
bloodshed and sweat,
tears coaxed from beyond the veil,
dripping forth and then back
Where is the self preservation in genocide?
Where is the self preservation in thermonuclear machetes?
These breed of humans seem to want to preserve one thing: The right to self-destruction
Keeping that right for themselves, blind with greed,
salivating over judicial despondence
yearning and contorting for the chance to press the big, red button
There in no honor, in believing you are an advanced species,
only to look at brothers wearing your same skin of carbon,
slash it with a blade,
and snuff out your reflection
That is what we have become
We have submitted to ultra-blood lust,
willing to forego your grandchilds grandchildren into the empty void,
willing to burn off your baby’s face
Willing to drink acid, methyl-alkenes,
and end your own miserable existence
There is no honor in death,
There is no honor in killing,
Nothing is gained, by compelling kin to stop breathing
A million calls from arms couldn’t stop it either
The war machine has prevailed,
obscene is victory, purity has failed,
and the maturity of our species is forever dereailed

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