Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Conjuration lackadasia

Don’t you dare become portentious,
pliable and poor,
your visions are unreliable,
weak against the walls of conscription, walking along
halls of contrition, whittled away, your excesses drowning your capalaries,
while your white brothers divide into dusted particles,
pitiful remnants of the proud people they once were, wishing you
would become like the dinosaurs,
not extinct, in the actual sense,
but just misplaced from atop the pile
you still can’t see straight, and your mouth is like
your body, weak and wiry,
unable to withstand the forces, bastions of soldiers,
battallions of stallions that buck mortars at you,
the right to bomb to the stone age, still accepted as truth,
when it is all lies,
just like stating that you deserve to be above another,
you truly don’t

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