Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Deaf to Natural Frequencies

How much squalor will it take
Hours burning like paper, no
escape mode prevails- reminiscing over meaningless details,
selling your soul for the garbage of retail
[HINT](In two months, those shoes you bought cost 50% less)
 Ouch, singing the praises of resale, it hurts
like feeble morals in church,
Viewing hexagonal visions, don’t flex toward me, when you know
in the trenches you collapse like plastic benches,
horror tension, back burns,
the slack you allowed in iraq spurns,
tacit herds, while the words still burn your mouth,
cant speak,
death makes all nauseous,
frost on skin, can’t wipe away your failures,
submissions to darker sides
a mission don’t harp on it,
 find a tarp to sleep under, because thunder follows rain,
no way to abstain, pause…….your blunders are hollow pain

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