Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Better than You

The spirit of Octavius glistens,
morning dew residing all over,
sad that so many followers listen
you’d be better off in a sacked lab, destitute fall in dover
the trouble boils,
onslaughts of machinery and verde
subtle blood soaked soil, so more important
than the angst of some early conquests, you dont drop fuckin bombs yet,
abhorrent torrent, floods of cudgels, leaving your stick ass curmudgeon,
watch the uncle toms flex,
the threat of a higher power,
hazardous, watch the coward piss,
and drown in a nimbus-cloud  of urea, 
while your at it, why not sacrifice for mumia,
the thieves come in armor, causing no harm, no alarm,
your bitch ass might be smarmy but not when a sargeant displays arms
watching your mirror fade from the boredom,
electricity feels extorted,
while in a fortress of protected, insurrected from posture,
the poor goal of shutting down the truth, what will it cost you?  

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