Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

The most beautiful woman in the world

I have the grandest of opportunities, every day at lunch
Something from the stars must have blessed me with it,
It takes more than a few footsteps to reach,
and worth so many more,
just like the proclaimers,
as i proclaim that, to whoever wants to listen,
I have found the most beautiful woman in the world,
It is too complex to divide into a few quatrains,
or even a few pages
when my path crosses hers,
the aura irradiated from her blinds me,
putting my wisdom and vision into a blur,
my ribs stir, i can feel them cracking under the pressure,
a cardiac muscle gone rogue, beating up my insides, trying to escape,
trying to jump into her reality
The first time i saw her, flushed my epidermis,
against my will,
driving away from her, is against my will,
against my heart,
against my soul,
Her eyes are too soft to be where she is,
just like an australian queen,
wishing i wasnt so distant,
and too far away to reach, still
I drive off, because another second without her,
will destroy me
I get enveloped with jealousy of silly things, like the earth,
the cash register,
the headset,
the window that she looks through, at me
Girl of my dreams,
with the smile that you know hurts,
if you are reading this,
don’t let me leave, next time
i beg of you 

One response

  1. interesting poem.

    March 6, 2008 at 10:45 pm

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