Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

The Little Brother with Poor Prose- NOAH THE POOR

I get the feeling,
that the geniuses running wordpress,
operate their business on favoritism and fervor,
Depressing, it is,
to again feature a writer,
that just isn’t interesting,
your life isn’t a quandary,
struggling to grasp, abstract concepts,
like haikus about dairy products
jesus christ, you call that imagination?
how is that interesting, at all?
I am struggling to understand this abstract concept:
holding up your little brothers shitty poetry blog,
day after day,
just to spite me
I understand its, “all in the family”
but you are doing your readers a DISSERVICE
and it is quite a shame
noah your a homo, and you write like a child,
while my skills eclipse the average, you barely reach mild,
I’ve got thrills, drills, and pens,
looking through the clear lense
while your old, boring, and tired out,
like those old folks, in nursing homes, wearing depends,
if wordpress wants to shut me down, thats fine,
but your prose will never reach the divine,
and your softer than boiled swine

One response

  1. lol

    March 6, 2008 at 4:20 am

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