Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

The Three-Legged Chair

I boarded a train, due south,
my only option to obtain the cerulean creation,
racing for fiat, in its earliest hour
A hundred miles of chain-linked fences,
holding the trespassers out,
protecting that which their masters hold dearest,
Walls that refuse neighbors comfort, scream with beauty,
as the gangsters and ghetto-dwellers that move at dusk,
create murals of the highest order,
or just for their own, selfish name-sake
The blinking arrows and bells sound,
a warning arm with danger smeared all over it,
extends to refuse rush-hour traffic repreive
Running at 50 knots, refusing wind drag
sitting there, lonely, filthy, banished,
the three-legged chair laughs at the foolishness of passer-bys,
the deadbeats that are barred from travel,
a putrid, rotted core  of the transportation nation,
Those left behind by the industrial revolution,
The pathetic white chair stands with one arm up, another broken off,
probably some homeless veteran that required a weapon,
and broke its leg in self defense
The chair sits and giggles at the stupidty of humanity,
opines about how we have yet to be domesticated,
No one argues that humans are above feral cats, and dubious k-9’s
but how long did it take for us, the supposed superiors, to domesticate them?
A hundred years?
                                   A thousand years?
                                                                     A dilapitated attempt, to protect us from our organic shells that scatter,
a futile action, wielding the power of a thousand fears,
We still maim without thought,
We steal without will,
We breath without payment,
and Kill with impunity
Look at the filthy animals walking upon two legs suffering atrophy
sullen with apathy,
spitting at eachother like rats in cages,
or beauracrats, with their privates stuck to pages,
Look at the blood running down your lip,
bitten off to avoid facing your tainted visage, 
Still trying to escape your fate,
The three-legged chair sits still next to the track,
flipping off anyone who dares to curse in its direction,
still more civilized than your whole stratusphere    

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