Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Nothing Sensory

This is the shit they need to censor,
walking through the dark alleys, hooded and hidden,
resolve is banished, left holding machetes and reflux condensors,
neo-corporals condense the information held within,
evil lying reptiles that stand arm-in-arm with sin,
suddle grins are forgotten,
your moral compass is rotten,
and if you really supported terror wars, where is your man laden?
where is he trotting?
where is he plotting?
and when was your freedom purchased?
a short-sale amendment of your constituted rights,
rules and regulations,
maniacal degradations,
and the most heinous, reigning atom fire on nations,
destroyed patients, left empty handed with naught solid,
your conscience is bought, while your lying mouth is stolid,

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