Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify


Somehow, the events transpired in such a manner,
Where i am left holding the cards,
while the other players just assault the dealer, chips purloined for later
Freedom fleets for none, but all will free from the enemy they know,
and many times, the enemy they do not,
And many times, when the true threat is obfuscated,
the fake terror returns,
another cheap propaganda hooker, waiting for another trick,
and look at all of your, glassy-eyed prospects
They all wear wool the same slight shade of winter,
hearts tamed, skin afraid of true darkness,
while they bask in a light that truly isn’t there
I talk down frequently on people that choose hibernation over hardware,
lethargy over liquidity
reaping rewards from underneath the soil,
stealing back what was never theirs 

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