Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Militant Parameters

Attacks come from all angles,
jungles and striped bengals,
a slight smite to fight ardor,
the surreptitious, insideous martyr,
im not coming to barter all thats left is the battle,
your lip is cleft, your click is rotten and rattled,
slipped into a coma from the shadows i crawl,
the metropolis sprawls, no opulent stalls,
its all urea, burning faces from liars,
from space, comes fire,
from race, comes evil social constructed desires,
the mushroom perspires, in the clouds,
death wrapped in shrouds,
metal scrap slapped in crowds,
enact the proud, to back down,
they cant stand, adversaries stock weapons and wonder,
why the enemy is knocking at the door with plots of thunder,
cowboy hat, pretzel choked,
attacking countries unprovoked,
sniffed coke,
welcome to the countries biggest blunder,
throw your ass asunder,
epidermis, permed now prepare for,
you dont dare pour,
you scared hores
reigning a death-from-air war


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