Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Human Shot With Real Gun, gun shot head head gun gun

A man was slain in cold, reptillian blood,
by his master, hooded in silence,
before his disgusting demise, his hands were broken by freedom,
his heart was lacerated, quartered and drawn away,
the horses running from the stench of death and liberty
the peasants drown and drown again,
a million foot-pounds of pressure exerting itself upon the search for help,
left helpless and rotting, for the marine lives that thrive below,
a siren song floats from the carribean shores,
a soft bellow to the masters that once,
attempted to violate the status quo
The man might step down from his current duties, but he is still a man,
his country, is still independent,
and your commandante has not shut him out, yet
here is the call for REAL freedom, TRUE patriotism
 stop detesting and destroying countries,
that refuse to submit to your rule,
you are not god,  
your people are not god,
your beliefs are not god,
your government is not god,
and no stratifying, all-encompassing amendment will ever make it true 

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