Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

viva la revolucion, a real gun shot to the head

Here is the call for ultimate reality checks and balances,
this country is no threat,
our stubborn and utterly ignorant persistence conjures flows of vomit once again,
How dare we declare ourselves victors of the terra,
take up arms,
and keep the peasants in the field,
thumbs pressed tight, squashing force revealed and revered
 you may attempt to call it manifest, something inevitable
bvt you would be sorely mistaken
How would you react, the obvious monkey that you are,
if a gorilla came into your jungle,
smashed your nose in with a coconut
and told you to like it?
what the fuck do you think your home was founded upon, grandfathered ritcheousness?
In this dilapitated age, where we have so much more, to shield us,
because we have become so much, less
we expect others to cower to us,
we expect the world to serve the kings of speech and freedom,
where did you purloin that freedom?
or was it given to you by, your paper-thin diety?
It is past the warm times of the cold conflicts,
every human is your brother,
it is high time, to lay down your broken, machiavallian virtues,
and accept your brothers as they are,
not what your fantasies boil for

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