Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Gun Head Shot To Gun Shot Head

wake up you pigs,

pushing substance strategy and tragedy

The swindle of swindles,

lieing ladles that speak with their arms,

all body language, no substance

The starving transient passed out on a bed of concrete,

giving the only thing he has left,

to the wolves,

praying to the ground for two more dollars,

just 24 more ounces and i will be satisfied,

if only this was satire,

those fucks in black suits, ties, and flag lapelles preach from atop thrones of rifles,

denounce enemies as purporting blasphemy,

while in the same instance, their right hand strangles a young child,

and in the left, throws worthless paper into your face,

“feed your family with this, you poor excuse for a human”

such is the plight,

inciting riots and maturation,

the bullshit meter is filled to the brim, full saturation,

the calfs wait to be slaughtered by the butchers,

innocents still accepting cement feet and dirt floor naps  

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