Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify


My greatest failure,
allowing myself to give up controls,
but i’ve never liked carrie underwood,
jesus isn’t taking any wheels here,
but there is coersion he must quell
I gave up thoughts of fortitude and fervor,
released my freedoms into the love,
but now it feels stone, like gravel,
 what a wasted essence,
blinded, with my thumb out, begging anyone who crosses me,
to invite me along, for their travels,
at this point, the silence of myself is preferred,
like a disingenious game of “would you rather”
My mouth has lied, my eyes were always truthful,
and i can’t help but look away now,
 The dust particulates scrape against my retinas,
miscontrued as passion,
really the pain of hate,
Give me back peace,
Give me back freedom,
Allow me to sink back into my pillow of silence,
So I can run free, through the fields of corn,
no longer tragedy,
i refuse, anymore, to yield to your scorn,

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