Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Waves and Worship

There you go again,
trapsing along a cobblestone walkway of fierce hatred
always about-facing my pride and prose, to counter your suddle skullduggery
Another frozen shoulder,
Another inciteful stare
only inciteful insofar as instilling anger and rage outward
Why do i discard my time like war-monger propaganda
Sullenly disgusted by the audacity you both effectuate
I could be destined for anything
holding the world in my small palms
No fear of falling, because i can hear destiny calling
And when i pickup the receiver to answer,
It relieves me
It retrieves from me, what lay dormant for these past years
Homo Sapien did not cower in caves forever
This self-promotionatory abdication of civility
Highlights my total lack of senility
My mental acuity and fertility
It pains me to think of a life filled with blunder and boredom
Ignorance and Condescension
Such a vast relief it will be,
When i wash my hands of you
Live up to the honor of being called a Jew
Calling off all truces and treaties,
alone, To begin my life anew

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