Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Misplaced Fidelity

There it is again,
like nostradamus, gazing into the seeing glass
grudgingly revealing its loudest secrets
sheep in pastures are blinded by the exhaust of punditry
You don’t have to call me special names,
or pay me a fee,
I can see what the future holds,
if only it was munificent, instead,
searing, fearing, and bold
Broken fingers and sliced ligaments would feel wonderful,
compared with the fate these carnivoires attempt to belie
It won’t work,
The short time i have witnessed,
Soaked my brain like ethanol into the flames
Igniting the source of our humanity,
adopting weapons and munitions,
reigning bane and demolition,
as your fingers scrape the rocks on the edge of the cliff,
allowing you to barely keep your sanity,
The weapons sear into flesh,
don’t fear that which stresses,
making you blush at your own, forlorn vanity
The skys will blaze,
your dirt cottage razed,
and this is only the first phase
Burn your fiat, it is as much worth as the stars,
able to purloin resources, no longer
never anything but a twinkle,
god laughing at the devil’s fertility  

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