Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

fuck advertising pt. 5887776

The ill-will mental onslaught continues,
thousands of companies producing your name-brand/same-scam products for pennies on the peso,
 children enslaved in textillian prisons
the solar power beats down on rooftops,
the sodium running down their faces,
and the barons that sit behind fanciful oak desks,
piss away money into communication frequencies,
wasting your oxygen,
wasting your mental capacity,
and wasting time
when did free-market capitalism become synonymous with braindead chicanery?
A full-frontal mental assualt on their enemy: the consumer
You know that you are the enemy:
if you werent, then these billions of dollars would be put to use stopping you from discarding your money like oxygen in the lungs, once it is dispelled
they are not helping you with consumerized hypnotism
they are the enemy, coming to a small screen near you,
can you feel their fingernails, scratching
 the insides of your pockets??

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