Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Venerable Vunerability

At no time are you more left to the will of another,
with searing pain in your belly,
fearing the worst,
the needle iv in your arm, feeding you liquid nutrition
and not knowing what the future will hold,
A doctor with kind words and a kinder heart,
could see what my eyes were saying
at no time was i more relieved, than the words she spoke
like notes floating from a harp,
and as she injected me, to wash away memory and the sudden pain,
her eyes gazed down at me, face covered with a surgical mask
i had no choice but to give in,
my life was hers for the taking
she saved my life, something i will never truly comprehend
she was not the cold surgeon that is portrayed in the fray
she was warmer,
and i dont know if i thanked her enough, that day
when i was submerged into a coma
removing a jealous, rogue organ from me

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