Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Removing The Veil

No more punches pulled,
no hiding in foreign places
loading up mental mortars
terror reign on foreign races
pain in her covered face,
begging to save her
nothing but sympathy from the hebrew hooded raver
fairweather pundits feel wraith greed and anger
exceeding graphs, of flesh eating staph, MMM, freedom flavor
you neednt savor the moment, its not over till obesity
stands tall above the crowd, sings, and eats a piece of me
decently, just informing the one who floods fear storms,
they still reel in fear, speak out against the  jaded menace
pissed at me for prurient ventures, you can call me the xrated chemist
and dont let it fool you out of money and passion pleasures
theres plenty of cash here to make you shake it in fashion leather
harass endeavors, brash dash for cash to keep oakland breathin
no hope when your addicted to coke, and pokin heathens
i smoke, you reason and claim i commit treason
no fifth demons running the controls, no parole, your convicted for exposure indecent
explosive ingredients form the carbon storm ive born
your sad, dry scorn, dont compare with enemies that die torn
muscles ripped from bone density, your prone to crone intensity
the pundits still running you in circles, whipped up frenzy
and their standard of farcical gestures, amazed at the propensity
youd be safer if you fenced me but all trails run free 
your failed daughters that i only view as a fun breeze
sweeping paths and fast, running through slum trees
it doesnt stun me, the only thing that amazes is current fazes
a blind, mute, and ignorant populous with fervent gazes
eyes glazed while the sky greys, the superpower ardor
empowered part of the system, a not-so-coward martyr 

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