Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

a lonely life

An angry snow plow bulldozed through the parking lot,
lumbering back and forth,
committing assault upon billions of tiny hydrogen-oxygen hybrid creations
I sometimes wonder if snow flakes are lonely,
plummeting to timely deaths, thousands of feet below their california king size precipitation bed
Sure, they fall alongside aquaintances,
but they cannot mate,
they dont have family, biological, or through marriage
and of course, snow flakes can wed, but
their identity is too dissimiliar to make it for the long haul
irreconcilable differences succombbed to every time 
Why is the world so much like the life of a snowflake
fickle, with chameleon sunglasses and a long, dark trenchcoat
they bump into each other, whether by accident or purpose
but forget who they are like,
becase its too vast for such small beings, to grasp,
their fickle future or the scourge of their past

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