Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify


Dont come at me with your pious courage
attempting to convince a lost soul
to save what little remains of my broken-ness
I can hear your dirty whispers, secrets of swollen solitude
Over inflated tires, attempting to steam roll me to armageddon
Are my hands not white like yours?
Or are you viewing something that im blinded from seeing
Is the polyester-cotton hybrid creature pulling itself over my eyes?
Or yours?
Does the book you’re holding tell you so?
No matter how loud your eyes yell at me,
its easily sidestepped
There is no law forcing me to accept your tepid gaze
And i refuse to embrace the bed of blades you lay upon
your violent throne of force
And you know where my ultimate weakness lies,
that god damned angelic, pristine, aura-inspiring chrome hair
It deceives me every time
your era is the past like six years ago,
when you told me to walk away,
Every day that you live in futility,
walking along a different sidewalk
is a day that my chest protrudes
and my semetic, protruding proboscis
remains in the clouds
Where i look down,
upon your frown,
And revel that your self-destruction mode was found

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