Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

The Arid Wraith

Throughout the beleaguered trenches,
in corners, in basements, laying in wait
treading water in the deepest of oceans,
gasping for the last pure breath of oxygen
The adversaries train for their next encroachment,
slithering through the grass like oil mixes with water
the smell emanating from these foes,
could blind the weak,
and force mentally handicapped martyrs back into action
They destroy all notions of innocence and redaction
When the black knight arrived,
the townspeople blushed scarlet,
and whispered diatribes of diety
When the chemicals burn your skin to ashes,
and the crows lay in a penumbra of penitence
Let their cackles soothe your pain,
and from the ultimate truth, dont dare refrain
The ones that are not humble will attack
hoards of foot-dragging, lackadaisical monetary warriors
coming to steal the food from your mouth,
obliterate your past, assuming the future is already wasted
Don’t let it infect you 

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