Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Lost and found

Look at them dreadfully march
Woefully ignorant that they approach,
a slaughter house
A mental burial ground is all that remains,
brains and blood soak the soil
no proper reaction can be gauged,
faced with such dire consequences
 The beholder is cruel,
His omnipotence overshadowing your miniscule mire
Judgemental and proud
A slight smirk adorns his ugly face,
too diluted to perform this self-serving service upon himself
His wooden teeth peek from behind a hair lip,
His sardonic eyes laugh at you
He blocks the sunlight from hitting your chest,
You can’t be free in the shadows
Struggling to keep up with a miserable rat race
No cherub haunts me with a putrid, fiscal fat face
a slap in the face, enact it with grace
and hope that wine from the heavens is your last taste

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