Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

The Watcher

Walking with aim and purpose,
On a search as a true, hunter-gatherer
What i lack, i replenish when the time is right,
And the clock is striking 6
I had no plans but to collect what i needed, and return to my edifice
And then the grand stand, main event transpired
Walking with my chin high, without loud eyes
Still in the shrouds of myself
Arms protecting the bodily shell
I felt eyes on the back of my neck,
The breath of a stranger, malingering near,
A cornered animal will lash out undoubtedly
But with a face like yours, its simply not possible
I turned to meet these inquiring eyes, and for that one moment
I caught you
Not knowing whether it was in disgust, blush, or pure lust
You caught me
My eyes wandered past you,
Your eyes rivaled darts, piercing the air toward the board
toward my lore,
Walking away, toward the door
Whether it was passion or pall,
Something under my skin called to you,
and your eyes answered
I am a free agent on this terraform
Marching to no beat at all
If your heart pounds like mine,
you should have opined
And the next time i conquer the wilderness,
Maybe i can conquer you as well
Take you for a ride through my habitat
The girl that watches me

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