Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

mein kampf

I fear my plight sometimes
Pretending you have your hands on the controls
Pretending you aren’t spiraling into unknown corridors
My hands are parched and worn from the mortar
A self-professed facade-mason,
placing the next brick in front
Its easier to cower
from the sun
than to stand with your arms out,
and get burned
I fear that i think too much for my own good
I fear that i know too much for my own good
I also fear being wrong on both those counts,
but no one keeps score
The old saying is so true,
Ignorance is such bliss
 I wish i could build a wall big enough to shut out the outside world
All i ask for is a slot,
to slide through my last meal,
feeling angered by crass zeal
stoking a fire, that
could make brass reel 
out of options
an agenda wiped away by miserable consequence
dissent has me infected
a heroin soaked euphoria waiting to be injected
i dont care if this is fatal
feed me, from a knife, spoon or a ladle
and lay my useless body in a dirt-floor cradle

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