Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify


Brick smashes the occipital lobe into fragments,
fragments of refutation, hanging in limbo, stagnant
sick of pragmatic blunder, erratic wonder
emblematic of civility, devoid and thrashed asunder
Dramatic thunder, altruistic wishes and ultimatums
Turning my back on the thought of your revelations
Shirking my duties of picking up the pieces you drop all over
breadcrumb pathways of guilt and malice
My heart is the fulcrum, too much pressure
please remove it from my body,dark and useless as black holes
when you get wind that it didn’t stop beating
your foolishness will evade you no longer
you might be able to escape my whirlwind
withstanding my hurricane like novacain withstands pain
but your fealty is apparent, standing naked in the midst of a pertinacious riot of contrition
i shall bask in your humiliation

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