Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

streetcorner wisdoms

I am deeply saddened by the news,
have you heard?
Our lives on a one-way path to oblivion
homeless veterans who fought for you and yours
doing olympic low-dives into filthy back alley dumpsters
but you said you support the troops,
why do you let them starve
why do you deny them aid and treatment
Why do you wish away trillions of dollars into sand
while your children starve
Too afraid to deny a tithe
too coldhearted to help a sickened man,
as the pain makes him writhe
can you hear the screams, the bloodshed
can you feel that vacous wind whipping your face
cant you see where this dirty path leads?
In less than a year we could all be living in squalor
your life and your work is not worth a hundred dollars
When you lay starving in the street, it will be i who retreats
It will be me standing on the corner with my megaphone,
it will be my own tyrannical tirade
Screaming at the pure naivity, stupidity and absolute ignorance of the commonwealth
It is too late now, the fate of all, left in the hands of fanatical imbociles
I wish you all were not so docile….

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