Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Mineral Pillows

There are days like this
Feeling sore like the Earth
Because all anyone does is walk over it
Most people don’t tread lightly,
they want to feel important
they wish to leave their mark on nature
and those that you hold dearest
Only a spine of lime and granite.
could withstand
this battle
the townspeople from villages hidden away
brandish swords of spirit and squalor
weapons of breath and reverance
Some take the elevator of excess,
i am still clawing at the ground floor, struggling
my finger nails breaking, scraping
the hole that you left in me stands ajar, gaping still
this sort of pain cannot be cured taking pills
choking on my words till my voice is shrill
watching me drown, grasping the steps
hugging the concrete like it was apparent
that it was my comfort

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