Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify


Its been said that a poet is not born, but created
Maybe some tragic event transpires, rendering the normality enjoyed, void,
And they say that you will discover some newfound beauty within yourself,
a civil acceptance of the terms, rules, and regulations
And being honest and brave enough to embrace it
But the one who purports this, at the same time claims
that this newfound beauty isn’t new found, and that there is nothing beautiful about it
You are really coaching and coaxing the darker side of your personal universe
and afraid to face a truth more stark
I contest this notion
Our DNA is immortal
The chemicals that keep you running, have breathed the oxygen of a thousand earths
Ten billion years in a mothers beautiful garden
a trillion emerald treetops dotting the sunscaped pasture
All you possess, is all you ever need
Conjure that within yourself which lay dormant and tired
It is time to destroy this self-imposed slumber,
this hypochondriacal hibernation
Step into the hydrogen light source, and allow it to drench you
The melatonin will react, and bring you back
I do not form words to excuse, abuse, or enthuse my past
No catastrophic event coaxed me into pretending to care
I am not devoid,
i am locked, cocked, loaded
Ammunition stocked, protecting that which has been eroded,
The authorities attempt to goad
Throwin me into “no violater’s exempt” mode
I explode, Reflux ready to de-ploy
dont bereave, if all my enemies attempt to repreive
Fuck your greed, ill let scrap metal wilt you like flower petals
this powers nettle,
dont cower, devil, face me
and i know ill poison you if you taste me
never relinquish
until my last breath, or every last assailant is de-stroyed

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