Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Consternation Returned

My last tenacious attempt at constructive posturing
a somewhat futile, infertile y-shaped incision into my cardiac muscle, the crimson colored organ that thrives on rhythm
In this medical examiners-eye-view. you can read my autobiographical undertones in full effect
It reads much like a dictionary:
Just as my biceps and triceps extend outward in a contrasting definition,
My philosophy is but a definition, struggling to find the context within which to place it
My story runs in alphabetical order, except the letters are numbers
Each word, a date
Each definition, another tall tale of silver-spoon antithesis
From my position, i fear not the discerning, judgemental eyes
Even icicle-flavored irises cannot burn hatred into my fabric,
a bio-synthetic creation
It withstands marches, starches, apartheid and archers
Your bow cannot supercede, what my projections breed
Blinding in its honesty
holding tongues for no one
This is the survival of the thrift-est

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