Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Mechanical Menace

Twas the night of December 25th
Snow predicted and falling down
lord only knows this night struck a loud riff
pain and suffering would soon be abound
Dinner time and the tables were set
Stomach growling for food and drink up
The irony of what i would soon beget
a tragedy not even einstein could think up
Serving dishes of veggies and meat
aromas pleasant of liquor and laughter
approaching closer to my greet
with a man-made, thawing, burning disaster
The roast beast was cold and i couldnt approach
so i hopped to my feet and started to walk
this much pain deserves life in a coach
as i yelped people started to gawk
I entered the food into a machine thats heats
and jumped at the thought of feasting with friends
i released my inhibitions and punched 30 seconds for a warmed up treat
but soon after the bell rang, my pleasure hunched over like a scuba diver with bends
The harsh warm plate burned the flesh of my opposable digit
the pain searing fire into me like hyper slaves,
feeling more helpless than a disposable midget
my only response: fuck you, Microwave!!!!

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