Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

An unknown familiarity

Words are innate, and worthless, when professed into thin air
Without one to read them, whether aloud, or silent
The hardened skull that holds my brain,
is in direct contrast to these words
This is my mind
The skull forms a barrier, despite bone being rich with blood vessell tunnells
But i recuse it temporarily
Which is why it is so pointless, when the one person who thinks they know me
could know what im about in 10 seconds
10 songs
10 words
but only one touch
it is easier to reach out and grasp a neck, rather than a concept
and such an easy concept it is’
you know what im after
you know what i strive for
what i derive for
what i live and die for
you know the fate thats belied
the hate that subsides
the fear that puts an arch in my back
a rigidness in my core
a loss of inner-dexterity
I am yet, so simple
three things bring my happiness
and you recuse yourself of that
your hands run clean under the water
but i have not forgotten
As the world is fraught with strife and spasms
and i parlay my search into canyons and chasms
why cannot i find whats searched for
a simple answer you cannot fathom

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