Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

Icelandic Slander

A veritable shout-out is needed,
a loud, proud, courageous middle finger,
raised directly into the air, due north-northeast
towards the land of ice
the cold winter island that breeds defamation and condescension
You claim to be helping your subjects
what a curious paradox
an oxymoron, from a fabio look-alike
Your discouraging, disparaging words
they don’t burn like you wish they would
i dont fade away and hide in a protective shield
i dont cower to a challenge either
that is why, despite your non-encouragement,
i achieved an A, and didn’t even start working till two weeks ago
i accomplished what you said was impossible
are your teaching skills great? implausible
I hope that you learn this one lesson:
Never underestimate a jewish anarchist
The force that precedes me 
it feeds me
it needs me
and your thirst for failure is greedy
better return to the pasture
and keep grazing
because flux’ comes with the fuckin hazing
leaving you indemnified and crying: “AMAZING!”

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