Radiation Will Be The Judge To Which You Will Testify

catharthic visions

Your monarchical rule is defamed, destitute, deadly
both for the brown people you detest, and caucasoids you protect
as the necks of the innocent are broken, their lifeforce pours into the surrounding atmopshere
they surround us all in a vitriolic slumber
a sleep that is anything but sound, anything but peaceful
as the fallen specters shriek slanderous and slow
the criminality of the landscape appears
it blinds
it binds me to its cause
i am but a medium for the ghosts you have butchered and defaced
just as the dollar is devalued, your soul is devalued more
you are a devalued corner shop whore
a defiant figure that shirks at rationality, reason
looks up to the sky with admiration and hope
the power of the heavens wont even grant you immunity from the hell you will burn in
i pray that the scourge and pain of defeat and deceit will scar
and it will never wash away your sins

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